Who you gonna call?
Fandom: Doctor Who.
Title: No Way. [At The Beginning]
Author: Даниловъ.
Pairings: None. But it’s Master/Doctor or Doctor/Master.
Rating: PG.
Genre: Angst? +AU.
Timeline: S03E13. Just after Lucy Saxon shoots Master.
Summary: Doctor doesn’t want to be alone. It's a missing episode. :3
Word count: ~800.
Special thanx to Yohji Kudou. He knows English better than I do.))

It took so long for them to find each other across the universe that it would be absolutely wrong to lose everything at one moment.

'Regenerate! Just regenerate!'

The Master looks straight into the Doctor's eyes. Why did he have to give himself up? Why did he lose? Why did he lose to a man who's now cradling him in his arms (trying to shield from pain may be), holding and protecting from everyone on this ship, who wants him dead.

'Regenerate, please!'

The Master sees tears in brown eyes, same as his. Well, in this incarnation they've got far too much in common.

'It can't end like this! Regenerate!'

The Doctor keeps on shouting the only word he can think of. He's just found the man, who was so precious for him years.. no, hundreds of years ago. May be even thousands. He can't lose him because of a single bullet. Because of a stupid woman, in fact. Master smiles though.

'How 'bout it, Doctor? I win...'

Then he utters a quiet moan.

'Will it end, Doctor? The drumming? Will it end?'

And the Doctor feels like he's being ripped apart. He doesn't care if anyone on Valiant want his Master dead. He wants him alive. He wants that little boy of eight to feel safe. To feel beloved, even if his mind is broken. He wants him to live, damnit! And he understands that his wish not to be alone forever in the cold dark Universe, in the eternal space of time is purely selfish. So he cries when Master closes his beautiful eyes, cries and shudders from pain that floods his mind. There's a possibility left, though.

'I'll fix you', he whispers and holds his Master tightly. Loneliness has had a grip on him, too, making the drumming unbearable, heartbreaking and killing.

He walks past Jack, who's talking to Martha. They are laughing. Jack follows the Doctor with his eyes, feeling somehow abandoned. But it fades, when he thinks of the team he has yet to return to. An idea occurs to the Doctor as he opens TARDIS's door, pulling the Master in. Jack's a perfect companion. Immortal, brave, funny one. The Doctor looks at the broken central column of his precious ship and lays the Master carefully on the floor.

'Regenerate now, please. We're safe. It will only be just the two of us from now on.'

He sounds like begging and that sucks. But it doesn't really matter, because one of the Master's hearts is still beating, and he can feel it under his palm.

'I'm sick from being alone. And they keep dying. Can't lose you.'

When the Doctor sees first signs of regeneration beginning, he gulps and urges away, he's almost blinded by so-well-familiar golden light. It's so warm. It reminds of home, of their shared childhood, red grass even and fires and mountains of sand.
When the Doctor finally opens his eyes, he faces an annoyed Time Lord. The Master frowns, looks around, notices same hands, suit and surroundings.

'Hey', Doctor makes a movement towards his friend, but his hand doesn't reach Master.

'You looked so.. pathetic', the Master thinks that will be proper words.

'Yeah, I usually do', the Doctor agrees, smiling lightly, then starts searching his pockets. 'Here. Yours.'

The Master takes his laser screwdriver. It feels like he's touching a snake.

'So.. I'm a prisoner now, I suppose?'

'Kinda. Never let you go', the Doctor grins broadly. 'What do you wanna see? May be the Slipped Discs of Turan? Or..'

' 'm not interested', the Master mutters and turns away to face the almost ruined ship. She doesn't like him. That's predictable, huh. But he knows he's lying. He's.. somehow interested. He throws a sideways look at the Doctor. Is he lucky that this freaky bastard, his friend (his enemy?) is the second last Time Lord? He had friends. And even family. The Master never did. He watches the Doctor pulling triggers and playing around, burning with enthusiasm. When did he end up being tied to this man? Is it good or bad?
He knows, broken hearts can be mended even though he's had left behind so many incurable ones. But the emptiness cannot be filled at once, 'cause the agony is within their minds, within their souls.

It has been a long time since the Doctor wanted to cry. To burst out in tears, like a sniveller. He smiles though, touches TARDIS's panel and she answers him. He was alone, just single in whole Universe, and a torn bond inside him was pounding heavily every second for millions of years. For millions of light years.
The Doctor shivers and thinks they might create a stronger bond, so they won't lose each other - ever.

The Master stares into nowhere. His vision is blurred. He thinks, he's got to cope with the fact, he.. lost? Or surrendered? Damn, may be it's not that bad after all?

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